Q: How can AST Recycling ITAM services save our company money?

A: We can save you money in the following ways:

Software Compliance - from needs analysis, auditing, license maintenance, installations and reporting, we offer cost-effective solutions to save you money and effort.

Implementation - via our professional process flow of needs analysis, sourcing of products or services, implementation and maintenance, we guarantee the best possible pricing and turnaround times.

Refresh Management - we can give you better Return on Investment, decommission faulty equipment that causes unnecessary expenditure, refurbish existing equipment to enhance and maximise the useful life of IT equipment.

Data Security - we offer Breach Defense, Privacy Protection, Compliance and Governance as a holistic solution to the threats that are out there, mitigating any loss of income, Intellectual Property loss, Identity Theft and thereby preventing unnecessary spending on recovery or disaster management.

Q: What will it cost? 

A: As little as possible.

We at AST Recycling offer fair market pricing on goods and services on a case-to-case basis, based on each client's individual needs.

Q: How is ITAM linked to Corporate Responsibility? 

A: Our ITAM service comprises of practices and strategies for overseeing, managing and optimising IT systems, hardware, processes and data due to the fact that NOT doing so would not only be counter-intuitive for any organisation, but risky as well.

If an organisation has a corporate social responsibility program, the chances are that an IT asset disposal and remarketing program will be part of a green initiative. While it may not be called or classified as ITAD, or as a part of the overall ITAM program, it most definitely fits into both categories. Corporate social responsibility initiatives contribute tremendously to a company's corporate image, which will most certainly be affected negatively if assets are dealt with in an irresponsible manner.

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