Asset Buyback

The service life of your IT assets is unavoidably coming to an end. Our advanced asset buyback procedure ensures the most profitable IT asset value recovery and return on investments. To ensure the smooth process of asset buyback, we offer secure transportation services to make sure that no damage occurs during this stage. We hold complete responsibility of your assets by managing the whole process of asset recovery - from transportation and identification to the most beneficial asset value recovery.

We offer a fair market pricing model on asset buybacks to increase the ROI by using the following methodology:



  Identify what equipment is there,
quantities, location etc.

Assessment & Offer to Purchase

Assessment and offer to purchase based on current market values.


Logistics and arrangements for collection/ delivery to our warehouse.


Reporting on status of assets and certificates issued on request.

We provide the maximum value asset buyback

Maximise the financial return of your IT hardware by unlocking any residual value left on your assets.